Boo! Foreclosures effect on Halloween

I don't know about your neighborhood, but over the least 3 years I have seen a steady decline in the amount of "trick or treaters" and Halloween activity.

This is partly due to the amount of foreclosures our communities have seen. I spoke with a few other people tonight and they also agreed. There has been a reduction in the number of people participating in Halloween. Don't worry! It will pick up as more people are buying up the foreclosures. 

My family and I were out trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and saw about 20 other families, compared to double that the past years. There were still lots of kids, but I can't wait until it gets packed again.

Let's keep Halloween alive!
My Nephew and Niece

Skylar Lewis


  1. I saw the same effect this year. I sat on my front porch with a bowl of candy and a jack-o-lantern, and greeted probably a hundred kids with treats. But these kids totally avoided my neighbor's homes, just because they didn't look inviting, or didn't look "profitable". I wonder if I had not sat on my front porch, how many kids would have rung my doorbell.

  2. Yeah it's crazy. Me and my dad were watching it get dark with 0 kids walking around. It took about an hour to get going.