Happy Thanksgiving to Menifee Home Owners!

I wanted to wish all Menifee home owner and residents a very Happy Thanksgiving! This is a wonderful time of year where air seems so clear and the weather just changed so nicely. It is seriously CRISP out there! I just heard news saying 34 degrees at night!

It is also the time we all think we will hit the Menifee stores on Newport and knock out the shopping in one day (I actually still think that contrary to years of evidence it is not so). Heck, I might even line up for some Black Friday action for the experiece - I wake up at 5 AM every morning due to wonderful 4 year old who is fixated on making sure I get up - what's up with that?!

But when I woke up this morning, I felt that a good but challenging year for Menifee real estate and homeowners was heading into the twilight with hopefully better things on the horizon. We did see some very positive things in the last year and for those I am grateful. I was blessed with the opportunity to have some fantastic clients and help in some challenging situations for Menifee short sales and foreclosure nightmares.

I know that many Menifee - ians - we need to work on something for that. Menifeettes? Menifee'ers? Anyway, I know a lot of Menifee home owners are in struggling times and having to deal with real challenging banks, family,and situations. I have seen a lot of that this year and last as we work through our economic and employment downturn / recession. But I have also seen great people, work very hard and get back on track as well. They may have had to sell their Menifee home via short sale but they are now stronger financially and in family then last year.

And that is something we can all be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Things are getting better, families and finances are getting stronger. I will be giving thanks for getting the opportunity to work with Menifee families in both buying and selling (or short selling) homes to start righting the ship or for buyers to begin raising families.

Menifee and the great people that live there are and have been a blessing to both myself professionally and my family. I look back and my VERY FIRST real estate transaction 8 years ago was on Sun City Blvd! There are so many great communities from Bradley area, La Ladera, Shadowridge, Menifee Lakes, The Lakes, off of Chester Morrison, etc. It is a fantastic city and has a home for everyone. I look for plenty more growth in both the near and long term. Just look how much in the last two years! In fact, because we do some much of our business up there, I have a new agent - Jessica who is now exclusively focused on Menifee Real Estate.

Anyway, my goal was to take a moment and wish all of you reading a wonderful and heartfelt Thanksgiving day wish for a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic 2011!


Stefan West, Menifee Real Estate, Temecula Real Estate Broker


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