Beautiful Menifee Home for Sale

ONE OF THE LOWEST TAX AREAS IN MENIFEE... CLOSE TO SOUTH SHORE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. THE HOUSE IS PRICED AT 377,000. This Lovely 2007 Two Story Home Is On A Quiet Cul-De-Sac In The Heart Of One Of Menifee’s Nicest Communities - HIDDEN MEADOWS! This Home Is Spacious And Has 2,942 Square Feet Of Living Space. The First Floor Features: Custom Painted Formal Living Room And Dining Area With Office/Study Room/Game Room. A Very Spacious Family Room With Fireplace. The Large Kitchen Includes An Island With Room For Bar Stools, Has Granite Counter Tops, Lots Of Counter Space And Cabinets, Dining Area, A Large Pantry, Powder Room With Closet And Under Stair Storage. The Second Floor Features: Custom Painted Master Bedroom With Master Bathroom Tub And A Stand Alone Shower With Walk-In Closet And Dual Sinks. The Two Upstairs Bathroom Has A Tub/Shower Combo Plus 4 Nice Size Bedrooms. The Laundry Room Located On Upper Level Is Spacious And Has A Counter To Fold Laundry. The 2 Car Garage And 3rd Car Garage Or Workshop Are Attached To The Home And Have Access From The Kitchen And Office. The Backyard Is Long And Would Enjoy Many Family And Friend Get Togethers.

For more information call Colleen Moorhouse at 951.764.4595 
or email her at

LCL Realty: Another 8.3 Million Underwater Homeowners on Track to Resurface Before 2015

While 10.7 million residential homeowners nationwide owe at least 25 percent or more on their mortgages than their properties are worth, another 8.3 million homeowners are either slightly underwater or slightly above water, putting them on track to have enough equity to sell sometime in the next 15 months--without resorting to a short sale.

The 8.3 million include homeowners with a loan to value (LTV) ratio from 90-110 percent, meaning they have between 10 percent positive equity and 10 percent negative equity. These homeowners represented 18 percent or all U.S. homeowners with a mortgaged as of the beginning of September.

The 10.7 million residential properties with an LTV ratio of at least 125 percent represented 23 percent of U.S. residential properties with a mortgage--down from 11.3 million deeply underwater properties representing 26 percent of all residential properties with a mortgage in May 2013 and down from 12.5 million deeply underwater properties representing 28 percent of all residential properties with a mortgage in September 2012.

"Steadily rising home prices are lifting all boats in this housing market and should spill over into more inventory of homes for sale in the coming months," saying Daren Blomquist, vice president at Reality Trac. "Homeowners who already  have ample equity are quickly building on that equity, while the 8.3 million homeowners on the fence with little or no equity are on track to regain enough equity to sell before 2015 if home prices continue to increase at the rate or 1.33 percent per month that they have since bottoming out in March 2012."

Upcoming Menifee Events for September

City of Menifee Events for September

Soap Box Derby
On Saturday September 7th from 8:00am to 12:00pm go check out the soap box derby in Menifee. All spots are filled but it would be a fun event to go watch and take the kids to. So go out and support your local community. Click on the following link for more information on this great event. Soap Box Derby

Teen Book Club
On Monday September 9th from 4-5pm at the Sun City Library there will be a Teen Book Club. This is an event for teens to meet new friends while enjoying a good book. There will also be activities at the end of the night. Click on the flowing link for more information. Teen Book Club

Author’s Spotlight
On Monday September 16th from 3:30-4:30pm in the Sun City Library there will be a local author talking about their book that has been published and the process behind it. There will be a new author each month. Click on the following link for more info. Author’sSpotlight

LCL Rental of the Week!

Come see this 3 bedroom 2 bathroom family home in Menifee! Perfect starter home for the new family. Decent size bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms. The kitchen has been upgraded and has cupboard space all around. Backyard has a covered patio great for entertaining friends and relatives. Close to Lazy Creek and Pete Peterson park. Freshly painted and ready to move in! Close to the 215 freeway and the Menifee Market. 

For more information on this property please visit

In-house Loan Services

Many major real estate companies offer their own mortgage affiliate, however buyers should not feel pressured to use the in-house loan services.

  • In-house loan services are not new, but they have become important since the market declined. When the lending environment started to become restrictive, the need to have a mortgage broker in house who could give preapprovals that actually worked became important to real estate brokers.
  • Relationships between real estate brokers and in-home mortgage brokers can benefit buyers by providing access to the loan officer or mortgage broker. This may reduce processing time, and possibly fees.
  • While using an in-house mortgage service may be beneficial and help increase the process, buyers have the right to select any lender they want. Federal law prohibits agents from steering clients to a particular mortgage company or lender, and from accepting payment for referrals.

  • It’s important that borrowers do their homework, check all fees, and request the Good Faith Estimate, regardless of which lender they choose.

Menifee Rental of the Week

 Pebble Beach is a stunning 3 bedroom 2 bathroom SENIOR home with 1708 square feet of room. This quaint senior home is a MUST SEE. It has a large living room, huge family room, decent sized kitchen with a lot of storage. It comes equipped with an in-door laundry room off the kitchen and roomy bedrooms! This is an AMAZING senior home. The backyard is large with a lanai! Ready for a garden as well! Come take a look at this property, you will fall in love!

Why Sight Unseen is Trending in Today's Market

The lack of available homes for sale is creating a tough market, and in some cases home buyers are making offers on homes they haven't even seen!

In Short:
  • Buying homes sight unseen is a small but growing trend in some areas,even in the rental market. This is brought on by the advanced technology and competative market.
  • Buyers might make offers without seeing a house for several reasons: They live elsewhere or  for business and even for personal reasons. The buyers may have had scheduling conflicts and couldn’t visit before bids were due or they’re investors are use to buying just based on the characteristics of the property.
  • Even though some buyers are making offers without seeing the properties, they’re not going in blind. With the extensive photos and video tours, plenty of websites offer the buyers opportunities to learn about the neighborhoods, schools and research all comparable sales.
  •  Those who bid sight unseen have the chance to tour the house during escrow and can still cancel the deal. Courthouse auctions that are in the final stage of the foreclosure process do not offer a chance to see properties in advance, nor is there an inspection period.

Menifee Sale of the Week! MUST SEE

Stunning 5 bedroom 3 bathroom home in Canyon Lake. This manicured home backs up to the golf course with a beautiful view. Gorgeous modern kitchen, with island. Large family room with fire place, decent size bedrooms. Wonderful balcony attached to Master bedroom. This is a gorgeous must see home.

For more information on this property please visit our website at or call 951-260-0711

What's Selling in the Menifee Area!

We are already half way through the month of May which means summer is not far away. I am really looking forward to days spent at the beach and time to relax with my kids. In my article for the month I will be looking at what the Menifee real estate market is up to. I am hopeful to see our numbers on the rise! As always my stats are based on single family, detached residences, with 3+ bedroom and 2+ bathrooms.

·         Total # of Active Listings: 45

·         Average Listing Price for May: $337,154

·         # of Homes Sold in April: 67

·         Average Sold Home Price in Menifee: $252,160

·         Average Days on the Market: 63

I can see right away that we have increased the number of listing in Menifee from 40 in April to 45 now in May. That’s not a huge increase by any means but it is an improvement from last month. The price in which they are selling at had improved slightly from $311,703 to $337,154 8%. With a little more supply this month it’s makes it easier to get buyers into homes.

Now taking a look at our closes in Menifee, the number of closes has dropped from 82 in March to 67 now in April. These homes are selling for a little more than they were in March by about $12,000. We are also seeing that homes are remaining on the market a little longer than in previous months.

If you or someone you know is looking to enter into the real estate market contact my office and I would be more than happy to help assist you.

By: Stefan West - Owner/Broker of West Realty

LCL Rental of the Week

This cozy 2 bedroom 2 bathroom has been newly rehabbed. It resides on Cedar Crest in Menifee in the Senior Community. This gorgeous home has been freshly painted all around with new carpet throughout and has a lovely modern kitchen with 2 full bathrooms. The property has a large back yard with a patio and cover; wonderful for entertaining or watching the birds.

If you want to see more of this home please visit us at  or call (961) 260-0711.

Rental and Sale Markets Rise Together

As you may all be aware, the sale and apartment markets normally compete with each other. The calculations are rather simple; if the amount of people who own homes goes up, then the amount of people who rent goes down. However, according to the economists the demand for rentals and housing sales are increasing at the same time.

Why you may wonder? Well, the number of households are growing again after years of being behind the population growth. For many years, college graduates have been moving back home or sharing a house with roommates. Now, these college graduates are starting to strike out on their own which creates a huge demand for new housing sales and rentals.

Since the housing inventory has been desperately trying to catch up to the growth in population for years; both rental and for-sale homes are in short supply. With the huge demand of housing, construction jobs should increase which would also create more jobs and household demands.

The sale market is recovering faster than what we saw last year. Prices rose more than 7 percent despite the small number of houses on the market. Low home prices and interest rates also turned the cost of owning a home into a great deal compared to the increase of costs renting a home or apartment.

At the current level of supply, renters who are trying to buy a home are having difficulties. Even though the real estate recovery is just starting to spread the number of homes that are available are the lowest since 1999, which was the year of the Internet boom. For years, we have heard about the flood of homes which is currently totally 3.4 million--but are still in foreclosure or seriously late in payments. However, banks cannot flood the housing market by trying to sell the homes all at once, even if they wanted to. "A majority of the homes are tied up in the foreclosure processes," according to Freddie Mac.

Construction on the Rise

Housing construction passed the mark of one million in March coming in at 1.036 million homes, up 7 percent. The increase was due to a 31 percent increase in apartment construction to a level of 417,000 units, the highest since January 2006. Single-family construction fell 4.8 percent from February The first quarter single-family average was up 6 percent from the fourth quarter 2012.

Housing permits were down 3.9 percent but from a high not seen since July 2008. The first quarter average was up 2.6 percent from the fourth quarter. Builders were stock piling permits in February and the inventory of unused permits decreased 9 percent in March. Single-family permits were unchanged so the change was due to a 10 percent drop in apartment permits is most likely because we are approaching the sustainable level of apartment construction.

Market Trends for Menifee April 2013

April is coming to a close and with May just around the corner we have Mother’s Day to start thinking about. Mother’s Day is a great way to celebrate all those special women in our lives. Also coming up on May 19th in Menifee is their 2nd annual Half Marathon and 5K. Clink on the link and it will take you to all the info. In my market trends report for the month I will be looking at Menifee’s real estate market to see if we have made any improvements from March. As always my stats are based on single family, detached residences, with 3+ bedrooms and 2+ baths.

·         Total # of Active Listings: 40

·         Average Listing Price for Menifee in April: $311,703

·         # of Homes Sold in March: 82

·         Average Sold Home Price in Menifee: $240,917

·         Average Days on the Market: 46

Unfortunately the number of active homes on the market hasn’t changed at all! With there being no new listings available, buyers are continuing to be frustrated with the low supply of inventory in the area. The listing price has dropped slightly in April to $311,703 from $324,831 in March. I am hopeful that in May we will see an improvement in the number of listing in the Menifee area.

Now moving onto what is selling in Menifee. I’m seeing an improvement for March, there were 82 homes close escrow and back in February there were only 65 that’s an increase of 26%. The average selling price for these homes has also gone up from $230,823 to $240,917. We are seeing a decrease in the amount of time that homes are remaining on the market by 11 days in March.

If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell a home in the area please contact my office and we would be more than happy to help you in any way we can.

Have a great month!

By: Stefan West - Owner/Broker of West Realty

Cash Offers shut out Average Home Buyers

Average home buyers are being shut out due to all cash offers in today's market. With the influx of inventory being released by the banks, an enormous amount of all cash offers are swooping up the inventory and dominating the market. The lineup against average buyers are fiercely competitive investors, others paying cash, a scarcity of homes for sale, and bidding wars that have run up prices and even problematic appraisals.  
In a normal market, increasing demand and rising prices would encourage more sellers to put their homes on the market which is a slow occurrence because home prices fell so low during the crash that many homeowners can still only sell their homes at a loss with little to no profit.
Another obstacle for some would-be buyers are those who are paid by commission or who are self-employed. The self-employed or comission paid people may fall outside the credit guidelines of Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac; the two government-owned companies that purchase mortgages from banks. 
According to Barbara Caley, part owner of LCL Realty and Property Management "With the increase of market inventory, banks have been offering to carry. However, since there has been a significant increase of all cash buyers the banks have opted to accept the cash offers over any carry. This has been making the market highly competitive and inventory has been flying off the shelves."

If you or anyone you know are in this type of situation please contact our office at (951) 260-0711. We have experienced agents that will work with you given any situation. Let us help secure your dream home today!