Menifee Real Estate Report and Trends November 2011

I know this is a little late but here you go - your Menifee Real Estate Market Report for November 2011!
I had to absorb the holidays and all that turkey before I was able to bring myself to post this. In fact, I was away for a quick weekend and the real estate market in Menifee has been quite active! Congrats to Stephanie and Rudy on their new Menifee home by the way!

I will make this trends report fairly fast but will be comparing it with my Menifee Real Estate Market Report for October 2011 to see any current adjustments. Even though I am reporting after the month, the numbers were pulled in November for this article. As always, I focus on single family homes, 3+ bedrooms, not attached, etc. Maintaining a consistent standards is the core of this article.

* Total # of Active Menifee Homes Listed - 247
* Average Menifee Home Listed Price - $223,451
* Ttl. # of Menifee Homes Sold in October - 68
* Average Menifee October Sales Price - $209,566
* Average Days on Market before sale - 78

Reading this report, it seems that some things are slowing down as we come up to the new year. This isn't unusual but it does contrast with my Temecula Real Estate Market Report that describes the very same amount of Temecula houses closing in both September and October - ie., no real reduction. In October, Menifee house sales fell from 95 units in September to only 68 units in October, a decline of 28.4% month over month. That is a pretty significant difference!

Even so, supply has also fallen from 300 active Menifee Houses in October to 247 in November, a 17.66% decrease in available inventory. That is also a significant reduction of readily available properties. Going back for a minute, we can catch that both the average Active list cost and average Sold cost have grown. The active list was $218,344 in October and is now $223,450 in November, a difference of 2.33%. The average sold cost grew from $206,600 in September to $209,566 in October, a minor 1.43% difference but still an upward one in both statistics.

It looks like we are having a contraction in the market on the supply side. We also see a shrinking in the buyer or demand side as well. I know standard and bank owned houses are moving pretty quickly if they are in respectable to excellent shape. This indicates that banking institutions are decreasing supply and the flippers are slowing a tiny bit. But the prices have held constant and slightly increased so we might have struck an interesting balance. Having said that, I do not to see closings figures down that significantly over the drop in supply. I would argue for reduced pricing but yet, currently that is not the case since supply is more limited.

This shows a couple months in decreasing sales figures for Menifee property sales. But pricing is hanging pretty well and I am really curious to see what develops in December actives and November sales in my next report. Meanwhile, I hope you all had a great Menifee Thanksgiving and are currently working on your Christmas lights!


Stefan West, Broker for Menifee Real Estate and Temecula Homes!