New Home Tracts

This is a list of new home builders currently selling new homes.


Beazer Homes-Rolling Hills-up to 4000 sq. ft.- From the high $300,000- HOA $67.00- 1.9 Tax Rate
Centex Homes-The Lakes-Up to 4063 sq. ft.- From mid $300,000- HOA $50.00- 1.9 Tax Rate
D.R. Horton-Lexington-Up to 3746 sq. ft.-From low $300,000-HOA $133.00- 1.8 Tax Rate
Forecast Homes-The Grands- Up to 2900 sq. ft.- From mid $200,000- HOA $139.00- 1.25 Tax Rate
Meritage Homes-Sagemore- Up to 4041 sq. ft.-From high $200,000- HOA $25.00- 1.85 Tax Rate
Pacific Communities- Orchid 55+- Up to 2398 sq. ft.- From mid $200,000- HOA $68.00- 1.6 Tax Rate
Pacific Communities- Cottonwood- Up to 4812 sq. ft.-From high $200,000-HOA $35.00- 1.95 Tax Rate
Shea Homes-Red Rock- sq. footage not available- From mif $200,000- HOA $95.00- Tax Rate unavailable
Woodside Homes- Up to 2735 sq. ft.- From low $300,000- HOA $70.00- 1.9 Tax Rate

Sun City

John Laing Homes-Holiday 55+- Up to 2133 sq. ft.- From mid $200,000- HOA $152.00- 1.59 Tax Rate

Lennar Homes-Mystic Point- Up to 2636 sq. ft.- From high $200,000- HOA $80.00- 1.9 Tax Rate
Woodside Homes-Parklane- Up to 2730 sq. ft.-From high $200,000- HOA 70.00- 1.8 Tax Rate

Information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

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    From NAR (National Asssociation of Realtors) Chief Economist David Lereah circa 2005;

    "It's a new paradigm, and everybody who doesn't buy, now, will be priced out forever. Anybody who does buy will be rewarded with a lifetime of riches, as their property will continue its 30% yearly price increase.

    Renters, and anybody born in a future generation, will not be able to afford a $10,000,000 starter home in 15 years. They will live in tent cities, and Hondas.

    This asset bubble is different than all of the others - it will never slow down, or pop. The gains are permanent."

  2. You may want to do some more searching as there are other communities for ponders why these where left out...

  3. Sagemore by Meritage Homes is not building anymore. They are headin' for the hills. What a shame. It's not even 1/2 built yet.

  4. I received this information from an Escrow Company. These are builders who were working with RE Agents back in September.
    Nothing to ponder over.

  5. Parklane by Woodside Homes at Heritage Lake has beautiful all SINGLE STORY SOLAR HOMES! Right now if you are a first time buyer you get an $8,000. tax credit AND a $6,500. Tax Credit AND a $10,000 State Tax Credit!!!! If your not a first time buyer you will get both the solar and the state tax credits on a NEW HOME only! Go see why Parklane Homes are the most beautiful and cost efficient homes in Menifee.

  6. I love my Parklane by Woodside Home at Heritage Lake - Wish I would have bought now when the tax credits are in place! Good time to purchase a new home.

  7. I am looking to possibly buy a new home in menifee in the Heritage Lakes community built by woodside homes. Recently I have read several blogs from owners of woodside homes (other tracts)who have many complaints with the builders, who say the homes are poorly constructed, that they have poor customer service once the deal goes through, they wont fix anything and they keep your earnest depsot even if the home is appraised for less. Does anyone live in Heritage Lakes that could offer me some insight? Thanks!

  8. Reba, we live in Heritage. It is a great location. I think you get better deal from pacific. We own a Woodiside home, and it is great.

  9. Heritage Lakes is a great place to live, if you're a meth tweaker, felon, bum, thief, drug dealer, prostitute, etc. You will feel very much at home there.

  10. I live in the Heritage Lake community and I love it. It has everything you could wish for in a community. Schools are the best community is very well kept,parks are very well designed and kept. And my neighbors are employed in law enforcement , schools and in the medical fields. So the hater who wrote about the drug dealers, cons,prositutes etc. must be talking about a different "Heritage Lake" or has their head up their a--! I would recommend living out here to any honest person who is looking for a great place to live.

  11. We just bought a house with Woodside homes at Traditions II. Everything has been great, and everyone involved in the process has been very helpful. The house is still being built and we can't wait to move in!

  12. I have a hunch Heritage Lake is going to turn ghetto. Just a hunch not a hate post.

  13. This is an informed forum for people. Do you know where Heritage Lake is anyway? This is probably one of the better place in Menifee. The Newport exit is now too crowded.

  14. Reflections II and Traditions II are the BEST homes in Heritage Lake! We have looked at mnay homes in the area and have found our home here at Heritage Lake! Our friends got a Woodside Home and told us how great the customer service is and they were right! WE LOVE OUR WOODSIDE HOME! Good time to buy while prices are low and the interest is still good. We looked at foreclosures but couldn't get one - too many offers on OK houses but no warranty and the neighborhoods didn't look as nice as here at Heritage Lake. Great elementry school and we love the Lake Clubhouse and pool.

  15. Great designed homes at Heritage Lake - Excellent master planned community - great value, style and neighborhood at the Woodside Homes. This will be our 3rd Woodside Home.

  16. Reflections by Woodside Homes is the Best Place to live in Heritage Lake! Well constructed and excellent floor plans!

  17. Someone broke into my car at the park there...where is the security? Driving around I noticed a lot of "questionable"(minority) residents. This place won't be nice too much longer :/