Foreign investors sprung on US homes

There has been a recent influx of foreign investors purchasing as many homes as they can get their hands on in the US.

Foreign investors from Canada, Columbia, Italy and many other countries see United States real estate as the perfect place for their money. These investors once had their money in US stocks and other securities but have recently moved it to our real estate. Why United States Real Esate? Local experts think our market may have another decline, which is contrary to what most foreign investors think...

One investor in Chicago has bought up over 100 homes in the last 90 days in the Suburban areas. He says that the real estate market in Chicago is on sale and he can't get enough properties. Foreign investors that are buying up California properties say that the values, they feel, can't go any lower. Homes in our area, Menifee, Temecula, and Homes in Hemet, haven't seen as many foreign investors. Our market has been saturated from investors in local counties like Orange County and San Diego. We could possibly see foreign investors come into our market in the near future...

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