Home Sales Report for May 2014

Menifee Home Sales Prices for Single Family Homes in May 2014

Average Sales Price $269,444   $144 per sq'

PRICE POINT           #Homes

>$100k                           1                       
$100k                             2
$125k                             3
$150k                           11
$175k                             5
$200k                             6
$225k                           11
$250k                           19
$275k                           19
$300k                           18
$325k                             6
$350k                           12
$400k                             1
$450k                             1
$500k                             2
550k                               0
600+k                             0

*Information compliments of Chicago Title

DOM = Days on Market - Increasing in Menifee Area

After experiencing such a drastic increase in home values during the first 3 quarters of 2013, the Menifee market, as I saw it, fell flat around September of 2013. Although the SW Riverside Association of Realtors projected a 6-8% increase in our area in the year 2014, I have only really seen value increases in our Senior 55+ neighborhoods.  What has definitely increased, however, is the length of time it takes for homes to sell.

Here is a breakdown of how long it is taking homes to sell here in the City of Menifee based on certain criteria.

The criteria used for this are based on:
     "Standard" sales (no REO/Short)
      Single Family Home (SFR - no manufactured)
      Less than $500,000
      Not in age restricted 55+ community

I have also divided the two sets into homes with POOLS (either private or community) and NON-POOL homes.


46 homes SOLD in the last 0-30 days, at an average of 56 days on the market
52 homes SOLD in the preceeding 31-60 days, at an average of 52 days on the market

55 homes are PENDING with an average of 55 days on the market
129 homes are ACTIVE with an average of 61 days on the market
       (45 homes listed at less than $300k with an average of 52 days on market)
       (84 homes listed at more than $300k with an average of 70 days on market)

POOL HOMES (Private and/or Community Pool)

30 homes SOLD in the last 0-30 days, at an average of 52 days on the market
45 homes SOLD in the preceding 31-60 days, at an average of 58 days on the market

45 homes are PENDING with an average of 38 days on the market
103 homes are ACTIVE with an average of 61 days on the market
       (34 homes listed at than $300k with an average of 56 days on market)
       (70 homes listed at more than $300k with an average of 61 days on market)

It is interesting to note that out of the 232 ACTIVE homes on the market, 77 of these homes are listed at $350,000+, which will definitely attribute to the length of days on the market because FHA loans are currently capped at $350,000.

If you are wondering what YOUR home is worth, contact us today for a free, no pressure, no obligation evaluation of your property.

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Getting the Best Possible Appraisal for your Home

By Cynthia Nemelka, Owner of RE/MAX Diamond Realty

With the drastic increase in Menifee home values last year, and how longggg it is taking homes to sell currently, it appears we have hit the market high for now.

It's a given that every seller wants to sell their home for the highest price possible.  Listing and accepting offers on the high side of the market, however, may have challenges with the properties appraising at the contracted prices.

In answer to the question "How do I get the highest value on the appraisal of a home that I am selling or refinancing?", David Stein of Blue Wave Funding states, "Whether you are selling, refinancing to lower your payments or pulling money out of your home to pay off bills or invest, here is the best insider secret that you can do to get the highest dollar amount on your appraisal.

First, prepare a written list of the home's features to hand to the appraiser and, if possible, take pictures of the best features of the home.  You see, busy appraisers might inspect three to six homes per day. Although they take notes on their appraisal forms, and the photos help jog their memory, even the best appraisers can't remember all the details of each residence and they probably didn't take as many pictures as you would have.  That's why it is critical to hand the appraiser a list of your home's special features along with pictures of them. 

Don't be shy about stating the sales price or your estimate of the home's market value. Make sure to be realistic when estimating market value and be sure it is based on recent sales of nearby comparable homes. "

If you are selling your house, your REALTOR will know to have printouts of comparables (comps) to give to the appraiser that will support the contracted price.  If you are applying for a refinance, enlist the assistance of a LOCAL REALTOR to help you find the comps you will need.  There are many of us here that are glad to help.

Stein continues, "Some appraisers say they resent it when the realtor or homeowner tells them come up with an appraised value close to the stated amount; you are able to nicely let the appraiser know what you think the residence is worth and why."   

Early on in my career I came to realize that although appraisers must look at the numbers and comps in valuating a property, there is definitely a "human" side to their process.  Although the comps I hand to the appraiser help substantiate my seller's value, my pleasant attitude, respect and the great big smile I offer that appraiser is definitely not going to hurt it.  


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