Rental Homes in Menifee - Where's the Best?

Menifee resident Kristi is having to short-sell her home and find a place to rent. She wants to stay in Menifee, but wants to ask readers if they advise a good community to rent in...

Ok so I visit your site everyday and love it. I have gotten so much information that I otherwise would not know. Now my question is- We are in the process of short selling our house and now have the fun task of finding a rental. I would like to ask residents where they recommend. Is Tierra Shores really as bad as I have read and not a place to raise a family? And what about Heritage Lakes, would anyone recommend it? I have three children that I would like to raise in a safe family oriented neighborhood. I need peoples experiences and input. I am ultimately looking for a place with a private pool or a community pool. Can you please get this out there somehow so I can get some help. I have lived in Menifee for 5 years and love it here. Just wondering if the private communities are all that. We could never afford the association dues but now being forced to rent it is do able. Please help! Thanks Kristi Sheehan-Pizillo

Any folks have recommendations for her?


  1. We rented in Tierra Shores for a year and did not have any of the problems anyone talked about. It was the best experience we ever had! Actually we regret moving from there. There is a community pool and spa, and paddleboating and a safe place to run or to take walks. Lots of beautiful sunsets with the lake. We felt really safe there. The security there did a great job. The smell bothered us sometimes in the evenings but other than that it was ok. That was our experience with Tierra Shores, just a wonderful experience.

  2. I have heard several positive comments from people who live in Tierra Shores. I have also helped a few families who have lost their homes in Tierra Shores, wanting to find rental homes back in Tierra Shores. The smell, they said, did not bother them after a while. Both Tierra Shores and Heritage Lake have fantastic amenities.

  3. If the school district makes a difference, rent in Menifee. If the amenities and neighborhood are more important, rent in Heritage Lake. The school in Heritage lake is great, from what I've heard (friends are there) but Menifee is still better.

    tons of rentals everywhere though... tons in Menifee Lakes, too, which has the top school in the area.

  4. Hi Kristi:
    There are lots of great neighborhoods in Menifee and lot of great rental opportunities too. Both Heritage Lakes and Tierra Shores have some really nice ammentities. I have also helped people find homes right in the Menifee Lakes communities and Meritage Sagemore homes. Great communities for family living.

  5. I live in Sagemore and it is nice. But the KB Homes neighborhood next to us is a total pit. The people are animals and there is apparently no HOA, or if there is they do not do a very good job.

  6. We are looking for a rental in The Lakes in menifee
    single story..any info. please let us know