Happy New Year Menifee Home Owners!

As I start my first week of the New Year - I wanted to wish all of you a improved and wondeful 2011. As always, Menifee real estate remains a large part of my business. In each case, the people and community remain one of the best!

Over the last few years I have watched Menifee continue its growth in Commercial and City-Hood. We have also seen prices in real estate rise a bit in 2010. I know it doesn't often seem like it but homes that were selling at $175,000 are now closer to $210,000. It is hard to see that when they used to by worth $300,000. But we are getting there!

I will also point out that people are paying more for rent lately and it isn't easy finding rentals right now. I think we will see further appreciation over the next year of around 5% or so. I am not an economics professor BUT I do see people looking more than last year. And that means only good things. As prices have risen in Temecula and Murrieta real estate, it pushes more home buyers into Menifee.

So, enough economics and rain for that matter! Here is to wishing you all a wonderful 2011. If you should need any help regarding understand short sales, wanting to know your options, etc. Please do not hesitate to let me know!


Stefan West, Owner of West Realty for Menifee Real Estate and Menifee Short Sales