Menifee Lakes - Property Tax & Special Assessment Updates

As a Menifee real estate guy I was out showing the Menifee Lakes community and trying to explain the stark contrast in property taxes. My buyer was shopping in the $200,000 range with an FHA loan. But when they added up HOA fees and property taxes, it was putting a serious dent in the approval amount.

Anyway, during the course of my showing, it became clear that some Menifee homes in the Menifee Lake community have just finished with some of their 20 year bonds. In a tough economy, every dollar counts and it looks like Christmas (about two months ago) came a little early.

So if you live inside Menifee Lakes on either side of Newport, check your bond status. You can go to the county tax website. It may only affect part of Menifee Lakes homes I am not sure. But if you did wrap up those bonds, you will be seeing your escrow accounts being adjusted and your payment to your lending bank should dip a little bit.

If you have a 1988-1990 home, check out your tax records online!

Stefan West, Broker/Owner of West Realty
Menifee Real Estate Broker


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