Happy Veteran's Day!!

I will get my update for Menifee up next week. But today is Veteran's day and I want to wish all the military familes out there a huge Thank You!

As a real estate guy, I get to see more of what you deal with than most. I have helped families move when a spouse is on rotation, talked with clients over skype when they are half a world away, and watched how challenging keeping a family together can be.

I also see how often you are transferred to North Carolina, Virginia, overseas, Hawaii, Arizona, etc after you are settled in here and the kids are enrolled. You put up with A LOT of things most people never think about.

So thank you very much. I am very blessed to work with many military over the last decade and it is inspiring to see great people and families at work.

Have a great Veteran's day!


Stefan West
Temecula Real Estate
Menifee Real Estate


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