Menifee-Temecula Real Estate - A Buyers Market

We are currently in buyers market for a real estate. Specifically in Menifee, CA.

During the housing bubble, Menifee home prices were rising at a unrealistic rate like most of the country. But when the housing bubble burst, our city took a much bigger hit than most areas of the country.

At this current moment, homes in Menifee are going for 50% to 70% of what they were 3 years ago. This IS a buyers market. When you can buy a house in Menifee for $180,000 and rent it out for over $1,500, you are positive cash flowing even if you put 3% down.
This is the kind of market where I would round up friends, family and everyone else to see if they would want to partner up and buy some real estate. Even if there is another burst, Menifee homes or Temecula Homes cannot drop too much further in price.

Hemet Homes are also a bargain. Hemet had one of the worst declines in the inland empire. Homes in Hemet are going for 70%  less than they were 3 years ago.

So you would love to buy a home but your credit is hurt. Be CREATIVE. Find someone that you know who would be willing to partner up and you can split the equity when prices rise ( they will ). Again, be creative and you can find the house of your dreams on sale!

Skylar Lewis
Keller Williams - Lewis Realty


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