GMAC Insurance Phone Solicitors

Just got a call today from a girl representing GMAC, regarding some kind of disability insurance, which helps you make your house payments should you get injured and can't work.

She was using a really sneaky tactic.

She started off by saying that she wanted to send me some material about this program, and proceeded to describe what it is, and what it's benefits are.

Then she read off my mailing address and asked if that was my correct address. I said, "yeah". Then she verified my first and last name, and I said, "yeah". Then she asked me for my place of birth, and I said, "ok, what's that got to do with sending me something in the mail?"

She explained that it was some kind of security measure, to make sure that I'm really the same "Steve" represented in their records. So, I answered her question.

Then she started reading off a bunch of stuff, saying that the program costs $24.90 per month, is added into our mortgage payment, Then she said something that worried me, "after 60 days, you can choose not to continue with the coverage..."

I said, "wait a minute, why did you say that I can choose not to continue coverage?"

She reiterated the same baloney.

So I said, "That means by sending me this material, you're actually signing me up for coverage, aren't you?"

"No" she said. "You're not under any obligation. After 60 days, you simply cancel the coverage by submitting the cancellation form."

I said, "But I don't want coverage. You told me that all you wanted to do was send me some material, and verify my address. I never gave you authorization to provide me with 60 days of coverage".

Then she said, "But sir, you said you wanted to go with the 60 days of free coverage..."

I stopped her immediately, "No I did not say any such thing. YOU said you wanted to send me some material. You didn't say ANYTHING about initiating coverage. I don't want any coverage!"

She said, "Ok, I see there's a misunderstanding here." Then she ran off a bunch of stuff, gave me her toll-free telephone number, and hung up before I could say anything else.

So there you go. If any of you have a mortgage through GMAC, watch for telemarketers calling you about a disability mortgage insurance. They'll tell you that all they want to do is send you some material, when in fact they're going to initiate an actual policy that will add $24.90 to your mortgage payment.


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